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Websites are relatively easy to create. However finding and engaging with prospects, adding real value and growing your business profitably requires experience and expertise. It’s a known fact that successful Business Developers and Entrepreneurs use Digital Marketing effectively to achieve this.

You could waste a lot of time, money and effort if you don’t have and execute the appropriate Digital Marketing Strategy. We can help you avoid this.

Our Member Consultant Entrepreneurs succeed by using effectively Videos as a key and fundamental Digital Marketing strategy.

These are posted on their Own Websites, Video Websites and on generic Social Media Websites. We can help you create and execute effective Videos to promote in targeted Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Most Digital Marketing Campaigns, if not all, should be reviewed carefully and on a regular basis to ensure optimum performance and return on investment.

We can help you do this and make the necessary adjustments as needed on a periodic basis to achieve and maintain profitability.

A Fit-For-Purpose Digital Marketing Plan, carefully devised and actioned will grow your business profitably.

Let us help you, assess your business, create and execute the RIGHT Digital Marketing solutions, tools and techniques to achieve success.

There are many Digital Marketing Strategies to consider, these could for example include but are not limited to a combination of the following:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, Authority Blogger, YouTuber, Niche Sector Influencer, Running regular Podcasts, Webinars and last but no means least, profitable Paid Advertising campaigns.

Let us help you identify and execute the RIGHT Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.

Digital Marketing Campaigns are resource intensive and could have a considerable effect on your bottom line profitability.

Member Consultant Entrepreneurs have experience and can find, interview, recruit and manage an Effective Outsourcing Team that can work for you predominately on select manageable Digital Marketing tasks.

Effective Outsourcing can FREE UP the time to run the business and achieve you greater profits.

book iMe Club Consultation

Each Member Consultant Entrepreneur has a unique set of Digital Marketing Experiences and Expertise to successfully grow their businesses online. They can leverage this and make recommendations which are proven to work.

Each Consultation delivers valuable insight and recommendations to help clients succeed by using Digital Marketing for their business.

The Consultation objective is to save the Client time, money and effort in Marketing their business online, and steer them in a positive direction towards success online.

Our portfolio of Consultation, Services and Solutions are delivered online, hence we help Clients wherever they are, and in whatever time zone they operate. We aim to be flexible and accommodating.

All Clients and Projects are Confidential. However, each Member Consultant Entrepreneur are willing to share with you their own business Websites and Digital Marketing strategies with our new Clients.

Each Member Consultant can explain what worked, what did not, and explore the opportunity to collaborate for mutual benefit.

book iMe Club Consultation

Asit Sharma worked for and in leading Global Communication & Software Technology Companies & Innovative New Start-Up Ventures. As a successful, experienced commercial & senior management professional he uses his extensive knowledge & expertise to help customers achieve exceptional Business & Personal Development growth.

He created the Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs Club, an Exclusive Network of Digital Marketers & Entrepreneurs whose goals are to use their experience, knowledge and skills to help fellow member customers succeed at Effective Internet Marketing.