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Consultation, Solution & Service Project Fees

We provide a tailored range of Done-For-You Client Solution and Services. These are subject to the completion of an initial Consultation. Consultation deliverables tend to be a recommended Digital Marketing Strategy and if required Do-it-Yourself Software Solutions and or a Done-For-You Project Proposal.

Booking Consultation

Described below are the three types of Consultation.  To book the required type please select the appropriate ‘One Time’ Unit Package Fee Option (Entry, Advanced or Expert).

ENTRY. Developing and promoting an effective portfolio of marketing videos gives you the best opportunity to generate revenue and grow your business. Book a consultation and we can help you develop and execute a successful video marketing strategy.

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ADVANCED. There are many options to market your business effectively online. To understand the options and then develop a targeted and successful Internet marketing strategy, book a consultation with an iMe Club PRO Member consultant.

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EXPERT. If you need to discuss the most effective business development marketing solutions for your business, whether established or new then book a consultation with an iMe Club PRO Member entrepreneur and consultant today.

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Important Terms & Conditions

Please review the following key terms and conditions before purchase, and only purchase if you agree.

  • Project Fee Payment. Must be paid in advance before work or product delivery

  • Project Fee Amount. The are specified in Done-For-You Project Commercial Proposal

  • Project Fee Purchase. The total amount can be purchased in single or multiple package units

  • Project Deliverables. These are specified in each Done-For-You Project Plan

  • Guarantee. There is NO GUARANTEE in any Provided Consultation, Solution or Service

  • Refund Policy. Subject to Applicable Jurisdiction Laws we DO NOT OFFER or PROVIDE REFUNDS

  • Project Technology. These are licensed for commercial use by authorized parties and provided ‘AS IS’

  • End User License Agreement (EULA). CLICK HERE to Access

Below are One Time’ and ‘Annual Recurring’ unit package fee options. The type and number you book depends on your requirements.

E.g. It could be a Single Entry Level Consultation, a 12 x Expert Package Coaching Fee, or a Web Estate Creation (4 x Advanced Package Fee) + Hosting (Gold Recurring Fee Package Fee) Solution and Service. The precise amount will usually specified in a Done-For-You Project Fee Proposal.

If you would like clarification on which package to order and in what quantity please contact us by completing and then submitting an enquiry form. In this form please detail your requirements and request clarification on which package/s fee options to purchase.


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‘One Time’ Unit Package Fee Options




‘Annual’ Unit Package Fee Options





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