Facebook Ad Secrets for Social Proof

Massive Facebook Ad Secret for Social Proof

What differentiates the Facebook Ads Pros from the Fb Ads Joes?

The ability to get social proof for CHEAP on any ad before spending a dime in the expensive ad markets such as the USA, UK, Australia and Canada!

You can do this by duplicating the post ID of a high social proof ad (generated from engagement or reach campaigns in low cost markets such as India, Pakistan, or the Philippines) and using that same post ID in a traffic campaign in the USA!

Leveraging Social Proof in your Facebook Ads with Post ID Export

When you’re looking for a product or service, how do you pick one out of hundreds that the market has to offer?

Usually, when doing research on something we rely on three sources: friends, blogs, and reviews. Why? Because we want to get the most bang for my buck.

Seeing how our friends or influencers we trust react helps us decide whether we want to pay money for something. Whether it is trustworthy and of a decent quality. Same goes for seeing a big number of people (you’ve probably seen words like ‘trusted by 2500 customers’ on companies’ websites)

We want to be assured someone else has made this choice before. Why? Surprisingly, it’s human nature! We’re social animals

Psychologist Robert Cialdini in his book tells us about 6 secrets of persuasion, one of which is Liking. People tend to say yes to the ones they like. Especially the ones that are similar to them.

On the other hand, by showing people someone like them has done something, we can increase the chance of that person unconsciously following that example.

So what the marketers have come with is using social proof for advertisement. It’s not new: for instance, even back in the days when digital marketing didn’t exist, we saw celebrities wearing clothes by particular brands, and adding messages such as “They’re good!”.

Now that we have Facebook Ads, brands have endless opportunities to expand the radius of their influence.

How to Integrate Social Proof into your Ads

When you create a new ad in Ads Manager, Facebook generates a new page post. This post has a unique reference number – Post ID.

If you duplicate an Ad, Facebook will create a new post again. Even if these posts are identical, eg same visual, link, copy, etc. While it is technically a new post, it will not have any comments, likes, and shares, that the original one had.

To keep all engagement, the social proof action is to link your new ad to the same post. This means that instead of creating a new duplicate post, your ad will lead to the existing one.

In Bulk Creation, complete the Campaign settings, Budgets & Bids, and Targeting steps, then move on to Creatives.

There you’ll find the Post ID Export tab:

Post ID Export

Click on Create new to set up your posts selection. Then, choose the campaign using the check boxes or filters. By clicking on Open, you’ll go deeper to the ad set and ads level.

Post ID Export – post selector

The hint on the bottom will tell you how many entities you’re selecting:

Post ID Export hint

Now go ahead and hit Export. Download the CSV file and go to the Post IDs tab. Insert your exported post IDs and hit Match:

Matching Post IDs

Now that you’re all set to get your social proof, proceed with the rest of the Bulk creation procedure.

The new posts that you’re creating will link to the old ones that had comments, likes, and shares.

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