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Please review. I would like to know if this approach would work in your niche.

FYI - Marketing Campaign Strategy

With proprietary software we target via LinkedIn Nutritionists in a territory, eg California or London etc and send them a teaser email (template below) with tailored video to prospective client (20 per day)

Niche Marketing Email Template

Dear Jo,

Effective Advanced Promotional Marketing Videos are proven to be a great way to grow your Professional Nutrionalist Services business fast.

Whether you host these videos on your Website, post on Social Media or use in Video Advertising Campaigns, it's a great tool to acquire more clients.

Our business is to develop cost effective videos in various niches for all types of clients.

As a flavour for what we do here is a tailored video I created especially for you.

Niche Teaser Video (see below). Note, in actual email YouTube link inserted

Please review and if you have a question or would like to book a consultation please visit us at

Additionally, if not too much trouble, please share this link if you feel our Advanced Promotional Video Services would be of value.

Than you, sincerely

Asit Sharma
iMe Consultant & Entrepreneur

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