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Asit Sharma worked for and in leading Global Communication & Software Technology Companies & Innovative New Start-Up Ventures. As a successful, experienced commercial & senior management professional he uses his extensive knowledge & expertise to help customers achieve exceptional Business & Personal Development growth.

He created the Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs Club, an Exclusive Network of Digital Marketers & Entrepreneurs whose goals are to use their experience, knowledge and skills to help fellow member customers succeed at Effective Internet Marketing.

Podcast Highlights

  • Everyone Must Seriously Consider the Effect A Global Pandemic & Other World Factors Have & Will Have on Your Current & Future Sources of Income.

  • Act Now, Before It’s Too Late. Develop Alternative Sources of Recession Proof Income to Maintain or Improve Your Quality of Life.

  • Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur offers an Exceptional Opportunity to Work from Anywhere & Achieve Significant Recession Proof Sources of Income.

  • Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Join Our Advanced Network for Aspiring, Reluctant & Growth Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners & Self-Employed Professionals.

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